What is Discount Dental Plan

CaliDental discount dental plan was created with the idea that dental care should be affordable for everyone. This discounted dental plan will give you the opportunity to seek dental care at very affordable prices at our facility. It is very simple to use. All you need to do is enroll in the plan and begin treatment immediately at a discounted price. Enrollment is extremely affordable and can save you thousands of dollars in dental care.

Sign up for the discount dental plan from Calidental today to save thousands of dollars on your dental care treatments and procedures available from our facility. Be it a regular dental exam, a tooth extraction, or an implant surgical procedure; get it at reasonable rates when you opt for Discount Dental Plan.

At Calidental, we believe that dental care should be affordable and available for everyone. This has prompted us to create such a dental plan that offers dental care at very reasonable discounted rates. All you need to do is sign up and get the benefit of these discounted rates. Don’t wait; sign up for a plan today that suits to you & your family the most.

How Discount Dental Plan Works & Its Benefits?

This is how it works. Once you enroll in the discount dental plan you will automatically qualify to enjoy the discounted prices on all the dental procedures indicated in our fee schedule. If for any reason a procedure you need is not on the list, then you still save 30% off of the provider’s usual billed charges.

There are no claims to submit, no pre-authorizations to fill out. Only your membership to the plan and the access to discounted dental prices that come with this.

You are welcome to check out the Discounted Fee Schedule and become a member to start saving thousands of dollars in dental treatment you need the simple and easy way.


For Individuals who want to save up to 50% in dental work and don't have dental insurance

"Thousands of dollars in savings when using the Discount Dental Plan (DDP) available in the greater San Diego Area"